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Report on Treon Harris "forc(ing) himself into victim's room" retracted

On Monday, The Alligator reported clarifying details on what Treon Harris allegedly did. Now the reporter responsible for that report has retracted it.

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Update, 2:40 p.m. Thursday: Richard Johnson, who reported the detail about Harris forcing himself into his alleged victim's room, has retracted that report, saying he "got that wrong."

Original story follows.

The best report on Treon Harris I've read so far comes from The Independent Florida Alligator, which published that report late Monday for Tuesday's edition of the paper.

The key segment of the report, which confirms that both Harris and his alleged victim live at the Springs Residential Complex, is this one, which was originally reported by Richard Johnson on Monday afternoon:

According to the second source, who is not an eyewitness but is close to the team, Harris allegedly forced himself into the victim’s room and allegedly sexually assaulted her there. The source also said the victim has a roommate, but it is unknown if she was in the residence hall at the time of the alleged assault. Even if she was, per the source, it is not uncommon to be unable to hear what is happening in another room based on how the Springs Complex’s suites are built — a bathroom separates rooms.

The report also clarifies a piece of the timeline: Harris's alleged victim reported the assault "early Monday morning," according to the University Police Department, though it happened in the late hours of Saturday night — really, very early Sunday morning.

The Alligator gets knocked fairly often by students for its independent streak. But much of the work done by Alligator staffers is fine, fine work — and this report is very much in that category. Johnson, Jonathan Czupryn, Graham Hall, Jordan McPherson, Melissa Mihm and Morgan Moriarty all contributed to this report, per the paper, and they did their jobs well.