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Florida's Skyler Mornhinweg, Gerald Willis involved in fight (...over cleats) Monday

It's been an eventful week in Gator Nation, and it's only Tuesday.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Florida quarterback Skyler Mornhinweg and defensive lineman Gerald Willis were involved in a fight at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium that drew a University Police Department response, The Gainesville Sun reported Tuesday.

UF police received a complaint that Gators quarterback Skyler Mornhinweg got into a fight with a teammate, defensive lineman Gerald Willis. Both players subsequently declined to press charges against each other, according to Maj. Brad Barber, a UPD spokesman.

Barber said UPD officers were called to the stadium about 7 p.m. after receiving reports about the fight. Only one of the players was still at the scene when officers arrived, Barber said.

A source informed me that cops were at the stadium in connection with this fight Monday night, but I was unable to get corroboration on it. (Been a busy week!)

A listing on the University Police Department crime log indicates a report of battery at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at 7 p.m. on Monday. The case's disposition is listed as "Complaint Withdrawal."

A UF spokesman told both 247Sports and Only Gators that the fight was "a misunderstanding between two teammates." ESPN's Jeff Barlis points out that UPD said Mornhinweg was treated for an injury.

Adam Silverstein of Only Gators was first to the police report, and shares a fair bit of it in his post.

Here's what both players told police — the important parts, to my mind:

Mornhinweg stated the fight was over a pair of football cleats. Mornhinweg stated that his football cleats went missing and they were later located by UAA staff in the locker of Willis. Mornhinweg stated that today outside the stadium, he spoke with Willis about his cleats being found in Willis’ locker. The two individuals then got into a verbal argument over the cleats that escalated into a physical fight between the two.


Willis told me he was eating his dinner sitting on one of the concrete barriers outside of the stadium near the entrance to the Heavener Complex. Willis told me he was approached by William Skyler Mornhinweg. Mornhinweg stood over him and asked him about a pair of cleats. Mornhinweg told Willis he had been looking for a pair of cleats for about a week with #17 on the back of them. Mornhinweg told Willis he located the cleats inside his (Willis’) locker. Willis told me he grabbed a pair of cleats the other day in the locker room. Willis was in fear of being late to practice and couldn’t locate his cleats. Willis told me he grabbed the nearest pair to him.

Willis told me words were exchanged between him and Mornhinweg. Willis felt threatened by Mornhinweg standing over him like he was. Willis stood up; he and Mornhinweg were in each others face. Willis pushed Mornhinweg and then Mornhinweg struck Willis on the chin with a closed fist. Willis then struck Mornhinweg in the mouth.

247Sports's Thomas Goldkamp also notes that, per a source, Willis missed Florida's games against Kentucky and Alabama due to "disciplinary issues." The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune, Willis's hometown paper, reports that a source tells them Willis "will be playing Saturday"; Goldkamp spoke to Willis's father, and got the same information.

Given that both players declined to press charges, I'm inclined to think that there won't be much to come of this other than both players doing some extra running before or after practices this week.

I'd also be remiss not to note that a fight between Mornhinweg, listed at 6'3" and 212 pounds, and Willis, listed at 6'5" and 255 pounds, likely required a fair bit of courage verging on stupidity from both sides.