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Video: Will Muschamp speaks to media in press conference before LSU, after Treon Harris

Will Muschamp won't be saying much about Treon Harris. But he'll be answering a lot of questions.

Will Muschamp is a man in demand right now. And scribes have a slew of questions to ask him prior to Florida's game against LSU.

Let's watch him try to answer them.

  • Florida spokesman Steve McClain: "We didn't think it was appropriate, Monday, to stand up here and talk about football."
  • Muschamp has nothing to add on Treon Harris. Calls allegation a "serious charge" and says Florida's statement was "self-explanatory."
  • Calls Tennessee win "a big win."
  • "Austin Hardin hit a 49-yarder that would've been good from 60."
  • Entire defense gets the game ball for Tennessee.
  • Marcus Maye "played his best football for us this year" against Tennessee. Muschamp lauds both Maye and Jabari Gorman for playing well on special teams despite not starting on defense.
  • Leon Orr "questionable," Michael Taylor's knee is fine but he has the flu, Brandon Powell back, Matt Jones has swelling on the knee but will be fine, Valdez Showers out with high ankle sprain, C.J. Worton back and will play.
  • Muschamp praising LSU's defense: "Don't get fooled by last week's game." Talks "chunk" plays and being buried: "It was 24-7 before you finished your hot dog yet."
  • "You handle things in life and you move forward. ... I feel very comfortable in how we've handled the situation."
  • Jeff Driskel will start against LSU. "Jeff was going to play in the game" ieven if he hadn't started. No decision had been made on starting Driskel or Treon Harris, sounds like.
  • "We need to get Ahmad (Fulwood) more involved. We certainly do." Muschamp also says Worton, Powell, need to get larger roles.
  • "Jeff's a tough young man. He's resilient. He understands there's some situations ... he needs to play better. He takes full responsibility to be the quarterback at the University of Florida."
  • Muschamp no-comments a question about what he said to the team about Harris on Monday.
  • Muschamp says Florida was "probably headed" toward redshirting Will Grier, but with Harris suspended, "obviously not."
  • Muschamp no-comments a question about "character flaws" in Treon Harris.
  • Muschamp says Florida would've tried a Hail Mary at the end of the first half against Tennessee if that play could've run the clock out, but that he didn't want to give Tennessee a chance to throw a Hail Mary of its own.
  • "The passing game takes a lot of components to work well." Muschamp breaks down Driskel's third pick, off Tevin Westbrook's hands ("probably should've been caught") and reiterates "It's not all Jeff Driskel's fault." Says he explains this not to defend Driskel, but "the quarterback position."
  • Muschamp gets a question about Marcus Maye in slot coverage against Tennessee: "In four games, he did play his best game." Credits him for good trail coverage on Keanu Neal's interception: "I call that a forced interception." "I've seen tremendous improvement from him."
  • Muschamp on Jalen Tabor: "I hope he's that productive. That'd be nice." Praises his coverage, says "he's a guy that just continues to improve."
  • Daniel McMillian didn't dress out at Tennessee, Muschamp says, because he had a "head injury." (Usually code for a concussion.) Muschamp notes that LBs ahead of McMillian have been good while answering question about McMillian's progression.
  • Muschamp on how important practice is: "When you got a guy that's got eight busted assignments in practice, that doesn't give you confidence..." Talked about how important practice is for players who had always been the best players in practice against high schoolers.
  • "I didn't see a lot of rust from (Will Grier)."
  • Muschamp calls Mornhinweg-Willis scrap "a tremendous misunderstanding." Explains that Willis grabbed Jordan Sherit's cleats thinking it would be okay, that nobody stole anything — "If anybody'd stole anything, they wouldn't be on this football team, I assure you of that." Compares it to fights he had with his brothers growing up.
  • Muschamp: "Matt Jones gets heavy as the game goes."
  • Muschamp on early NFL Draft entries, in context of both LSU and Florida: "You're finding out on January 1 (a player) wants to try the NFL, and you're thinking, 'You've gotta be kidding me.'" Says "we're" working with the NFL to try to curb that.