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Attorney: Treon Harris on UF suspension, can't attend classes; will be out vs. LSU

Florida appears to be taking no chances with its suspension of Treon Harris.

Joe Robbins

Florida quarterback Treon Harris is not allowed to attend classes on campus and definitely will be suspended through Saturday's game against LSU, his attorney told ESPN's Jeff Barlis on Wednesday.

"Based on the fact that the case has to be resolved with the state attorney's office and with the university, there is no way that he is going to play this weekend," Harris' Gainesville attorney, Huntley Johnson, told ESPN.


Johnson said the University of Florida has placed Harris on an "interim suspension," which bans him from campus. The University Athletic Association also announced Harris was suspended from all team activities.

"He is allowed to take his online courses," Johnson said, "but he is not allowed to attend class on campus at this time."

On Monday, the UAA — Florida's athletic department — announced through a statement released by GatorZone, the UAA's website, that Harris had been suspended by the UAA from all team activities. This report is the first confirmation that Harris has also been suspended by UF.

The additional suspension points both to the delicate nature of this case, which revolves around a sexual battery allegedly perpetrated by Harris early Sunday morning in an on-campus dorm, and to the lengths that Florida's athletic and academic decision-makers have already gone to mete out swift and significant discipline.