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Video: Will Muschamp's hip-swiveling interception dance is gleefully dorky

This guy gets paid millions of dollars now.

In all that's been said about Will Muschamp by both his most ardent defenders and loudest critics, no one has ever said that the Florida Gators head coach doesn't love football. Clearly, he does, and you see that in the passion he has for the game, the sport, the players, the chess matches, the atmosphere, the everything that is the soul of football.

And it is really, really amusing to see him express that passion through a post-interception dance.

The SEC Network's excellent Film Room series had Muschamp on this week to talk about things including Florida's win over Vanderbilt, and former Georgia quarterback David Greene surprised former Georgia safety Muschamp with video of his playing days with the Bulldogs. Specifically, it's video of Muschamp picking off Georgia Tech quarterback Tom Luginbill, now an ESPN analyst in his own right, on the first play of the 1992 meeting between the two teams ... something Muschamp celebrates with a swivel of the hips and the customary rip-off-the-helmet-straps move.

It. Is. Adorable.