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South Carolina 23, Florida 20: Gators go down, and Will Muschamp should, too

The Swamp, The Swamp, The Swamp is on fire...

Sam Greenwood

When it was over on this Saturday, it was over for Will Muschamp at Florida.

South Carolina punched in an overtime touchdown to take a 23-20 win over the Gators, sure, but it was how the Gamecocks got there — after Florida had a punt blocked with less than a minute to go to set up a game-tying touchdown with seconds to go, after phantom penalties and odiously conservative play-calling erased Florida's margin for error, after Florida gave away the ball on a drive that could have put it up two scores — that was the most excruciating part of an excruciating day in an excruciating season.

Hopefully, it is the final season of Muschamp's excruciating tenure, as there is no longer any hope for his team to make the SEC Championship Game or play in a bowl somewhere other than Birmingham or Memphis or Shreveport. There are no excuses, no defenses, no words left to say anything in support of Muschamp. He must go, even if his team takes down Florida State or something with him, because his team took the hopes it had restored with wins over Georgia and Vanderbilt and smithereened them on this day.

Analysis will come later. This is a moment for spleen.