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Florida vs. Eastern Kentucky, Game Thread: Let's get this over with

No one wants to be there. No one is there, really. So the Gators will battle apathy and Eastern Kentucky this Saturday.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

My 25 predictions for Florida's ... wait, there's a really a game today? I guess it's at noon on the SEC Network or WatchESPN? Huh.

  1. Treon Harris will account for at least two touchdowns.
  2. Harris will rush for more than 70 yards.
  3. Matt Jones will lead Florida in rushing yards.
  4. Jones will also lead Florida in yards per carry.
  5. Florida wide receivers will have at least 150 receiving yards.
  6. Quinton Dunbar will catch a touchdown pass, because of course.
  7. Harris will have under 250 passing yards.
  8. Florida will score at least 30 offensive points.
  9. Florida's offense will average more than 5.0 yards per play.
  10. Florida will still, somehow, not score first.
  11. Florida's defense will allow fewer than 4.5 yards per play.
  12. Florida will give up at least 150 rushing yards.
  13. Florida will force a fumble.
  14. Florida will have at least one interception.
  15. Dante Fowler, Jr. will record a sack.
  16. Bryan Cox, Jr. will record a sack.
  17. Alex Anzalone will have a good game.
  18. Vernon Hargreaves III will have a great game.
  19. Eastern Kentucky will complete less than half of its passes.
  20. Florida will make a field goal.
  21. Andre Debose will make a big play.
  22. Kyle Christy will average better than 45 yards per punt.
  23. Florida will never trail by more than seven points.
  24. Florida will win by double digits..
  25. And yet it will all feel hollow.


I'm watching because I have to, not because I want to. And I suspect I'm not alone, especially given the shots of a half-empty stadium I've seen on Twitter.

This is how the Will Muschamp era ends at home: Not with a bang, but with a whimper. Let's hope it at least ends with a win, too.

Go Gators.