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Florida vs. Vanderbilt, Game Thread, second half: Will the Gators grind it out?

Florida's done better through the air than on the ground against Vandy so far. Will that continue?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Florida 17, Vanderbilt 7 is a fine result for the Gators' first half in Nashville.

But here's the really good thing: Treon Harris is 7-for-12 with 103 yards through the air. We've seen a genuine passing game from Harris's Gators, and though Florida exasperated everyone watching with some questionable play-calling near the goal line, the development of that passing game as a complement to the Gators' power running is welcome.

Oh, and Florida's defense has been great. Apart from a seven-play, 85-yard drive, the Commodores have gained just 39 yards on 28 plays; take away Ralph Webb's game-opening 21-yard run, and it was 18 yards on 27 plays.

This is a game Florida should be able to pull away in and win. Let's watch them do it.