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Videos: Florida's Chris Walker dunks all over Texas Southern

Chris Walker can write with lightning by bringing the thunder. (That metaphor doesn't make sense, but neither does he.)

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As mentioned in our Game Thread, Texas Southern is short. There isn't a single Tiger as tall as Florida's Chris Walker, and that was an issue in the Tigers' 75-50 loss on Friday night.

But Walker jumping into the sky and throwing down oops like thunderclaps was a bigger one.

First, Walker threw down on an oop from Kasey Hill — his longtime AAU teammate — early in the second half.

Then, with just seconds to go, both in the game and on the shot clock, walk-on Lexx Edwards threw up a prayer — one that Walker answered, practically from the heavens.

And the latter made for a fantastic photo:

Walker started his night by doing damage on defense, too:

All told, Walker had 12 points, four blocks, and just two rebounds on a career-high 12 shots; he had eight points before the two dunks.

But Walker's slow, steady improvement as a basketball player isn't sexy. His ability to write with lightning while dropping thunder most certainly is.