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Florida's Jim McElwain really, really likes dogs

Canine companions were a theme of Jim McElwain's opening press conference.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

If we know anything for certain about Jim McElwain after his first press conference as the Florida Gators' head football coach, it is that he is a dog guy.

When asked about his offensive philosophy, McElwain called himself a mutt:

When asked about what he would call his offense — in contrast with Steve Spurrier's Fun 'n Gun — McElwain shrugged. Then he went back to gnawing on the same old bone:

And then, when asked about Florida's quarterback situation, and whether he could win with the QBs on the roster, he indicated that any dog will hunt.

Apparently, 1) it's Clara-A-Belle, and 2) she's pretty good.

McElwain said a lot of other stuff about football, related life lessons learned from fellow Montanan Evel Knievel, and told a story about how money set aside for an outdoor kitchen got reappropriated to help pay for alma mater Eastern Washington's blood-red field, but all of that was way, way less important than McElwain showing that he is the dog in his fight.

After several years of rough times in Gainesville, we now have ruff times ahead.