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Chomping at Bits: Back then, they didn't want Florida / Now Florida's hot, they all on Florida

I told 'em all Florida was finna blow — they thought I was insane.

Andy Lyons

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Florida "emerges" as national title contender: To the credit of both Borzello and Medcalf, they've been paying attention, and Borzello was a Florida believer back in the fall. (Jeff Borzello, Eye on College Basketball / CBS Sports | Myron Medcalf, Men's College Basketball Nation Blog / ESPN | Pat Forde, Yahoo! Sports)

Florida "should've been the talk of the nation already": Basically, this is a point of The Differences summed up with more concision than I can exercise with this team at the moment. (Jesse Simonton, Gator Clause | Miami Herald)

Baseball takes two of three from Maryland: Maybe I'll get out to a game this week! Maybe I'll get more than three hours of sleep on the Saturday night heading into Sunday! (GatorZone)

Women's basketball drops roadie at Georgia: What a puzzle this team is. (GatorZone)

Softball sweeps another tournament: Ho and hum. (GatorZone)

Your Gators moment of zen:

Caption: AND111111

Pat also put in a lot of the crying face emojis that don't show up without an iPhone, but the most important thing about this is that he's bragging, in part, about making a free throw. I think he gets to brag about that, yes.

Do you think Florida's the best college basketball team in the country? Do you care if the Gators are only now getting love? Can you make sense of Florida's women's hoops team? The comments are yours, and the stuff you missed this weekend is below.