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C'yontai Lewis signs with Florida on National Signing Day 2014: Recruitment, highlights, impact

C'yontai Lewis is a developmental prospect for Florida, but he's a really interesting one.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

You may remember C'yontai Lewis from his near-decapitation of a poor soul, or the notion that his commitment could help Florida with Alabama commit Bo Scarbrough. You may not know that Lewis, who signed with the Gators on National Signing Day, is a darned good tight end in his own right.


Lewis spent his senior year at Kingwood Christian in Alabama after transferring during the summer prior to it, and largely flew under the radar until the Gators offered him last May. Lewis committed to Florida the day after his offer, and he's spent his time since solid to the Gators, largely trying to sway Scarbrough. Lewis is a low three-star prospect, and held offers from UAB and UCLA.


Future Impact

Lewis was taken by Florida as more of a depth play than anything. Fans shouldn't expect Lewis to contribute for another few years, after he gets some time in a collegiate weight program, and you can see in the above highlights that his senior year was spent dominating woefully undersized secondaries. But at 6'5" and 212 lbs, Lewis has an ideal frame for a tight end but should put on another 15 to 20 pounds before he steps on an SEC field.

Lewis will redshirt, certainly, but we'll try and forecast his role with the Gators within Kurt Roper's new offense. I think Lewis will play, not just on the line of scrimmage, but in the slot as well. Lewis shows versatility on tape, and can ideally play a Jimmy Graham-type role in the new Florida offense. Lewis has been a playmaker, and, once he adjusts to SEC football, could be one down the road for the Gators.