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Florida football recruiting: J.C. Jackson affirms Gators commitment on Signing Day

After flirtations with all three schools, and the prospect of a Sunshine State Triple Crown, J.C. Jackson remains with the Gators.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Top-flight playmaker J.C. Jackson confirmed his commitment to the Florida Gators, sending in his National Letter of Intent prior to restating his pledge in a signing ceremony at his high school at 8 a.m. on National Signing Day.

Jackson, who played both cornerback and wide receiver for Immokalee High School, was originally a Florida State commitment, but committed to the Gators in June 2013 less than a week after removing himself from the Seminoles' class. After Florida's 4-8 season, though, he was targeted by both Florida State and Miami, and entertained the overtures from both schools before ultimately deciding to stay with the Gators.

Jackson is more highly-touted now than he was in the summer, after a fall spent dazzling recruitniks and fans as a playmaking wide receiver, but he's likely to start off as a defensive back at Florida. Florida's depth in the second makes it possible that Jackson will first see the field as a receiver or returner.