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Reviewing Florida early enrollee Nolan Kelleher: Recruitment, highlights, impact

Florida's most game-ready offensive lineman recruit also says calculus comes naturally to him.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Nolan Kelleher has been a Gator since enrolling at Florida in January. And he's going to be a good one: You can skip down to his highlight video, the one that shows him mauling lineman after lineman, if you need reassurance of that.

But I mostly want to linger on the idea that he is way, way smarter than us:

"Calculus is my favorite class." "It comes naturally to me." WE HAVE ONE OF THOSE BADASS STANFORD NERDS, YOU GUYS.


Kelleher is from Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, where he attended Wando High School and played all over the offensive line. We project him as an offensive guard at Florida, but he's got a lot more talent than your average offensive guard, as a consensus four-star player, who has been heavily recruited since his junior season. Kelleher, who has an ideal guard's frame, at 6'5" and 290 pounds, had offers from Arkansas, Clemson, Florida State, South Carolina and Virginia Tech before committing, and subsequently signing, with the Gators.


He could do your homework and block you into next week.

Future Impact

Kelleher projects as a skilled offensive guard as he arrives in Gainesville. He has ideal size, but will probably need to reshape his body and put on around 10 pounds of muscle before he can effectively compete in the SEC.

Out of the guards the Gators are bringing in, I think Kelleher will have the best chance to contribute early. Kelleher is more solid with his technique than Travaris Dorsey, and quicker on his feet, which suits the spread offense Kurt Roper is bringing in.

Kelleher might redshirt, but with a good spring, he could contribute early, due to lack of depth on the line and Tyler Moore's injury status. Florida will have to replace departed offensive guards Jon Halapio and Ian Silberman, and Kelleher could put himself in the mix for the fall with a solid spring.