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Enter the 2014 Alligator Army Bracket Challenge Contest, win prizes

Two Four Three great prizes are up for grabs in the Alligator Army Bracket Challenge Contest.

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

It's tourney time again, and you can once again win prizes — and the adulation of your fellow Alligator Army readers — by proving you know the team Florida will beat for the national title how the NCAA Tournament is going to shake out.

Here's the step-by-step process for joining the 2014 Alligator Army Bracket Challenge. It's simple.

  1. Read the (updated) official rules (PDF). They are pretty simple.
  2. Join the Yahoo! Sports Tourney Pick'em pool entitled "Alligator Army Bracket Pool", and make your email visible to the pool creator so I can find and email you readily when you win. (Yes, you.)
  3. Register with GameDay Depot as an Alligator Army reader so you're eligible for the free custom t-shirt that goes to the First Prize winner.
  4. Pick your bracket well.

Told you it was simple.

We're going to have two prizes for winners this year: A Grand Prize of $25 to the official online GatorZone Shop goes to the winner, and a free custom GameDay Depot t-shirt, like the awesome "We Love The Silence" one over to the right — or one of the couple that we have in the works — goes to the First Prize winner.

In addition, I'm happy to announce that INTO/IT CLOTHING has provided us with tees from a limited run of very cool ones for the Second Prize and Third Prize winners. Getting the four last teams right is what matters most when picking brackets, and being in the top four is what matters here when getting prizes.

Are you excited? Are you picking Florida? Are you ready to win? I am.

...wait, I can't win? DAMMIT.