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Florida vs. Albany, 2014 NCAA Tournament, Game Thread: Let's go, Gators

Finally, the 2014 NCAA Tournament has begun. Finally, Florida's final step is here. Sort of.

I'll cop to it: I'm really waiting for Friday to really start focusing on Florida's 2014 NCAA Tournament road.

Florida's going to beat Albany today; we know that. The most drama you will deal with on this is likely to be finding TBS, where the Gators will begin playing at about 4:10 p.m. — or 30 minutes after the Colorado-Pittsburgh game that precedes Florida's. (If you're at work or away from a TV, remember that March Madness Live is your friend for streaming on your computer, phone, tablet, etc.) Florida is too good and Albany too mediocre for this to plausibly be the first No. 16 over No. 1 upset in the history of the NCAA Tournament.

So what we're watching today is the last easy game of these Gators' careers. From here on in, it's going to be hard, grinding basketball, and tense stuff.

Don't worry about this. Enjoy it. Enjoy the threes that Michael Frazier II will let rip, the dunks Patric Young will hammer, the Scottie Wilbekin heat check that will go in. This is the reward for winning all those games and playing as well as Florida has to this point.

It won't be like this ever again. So make sure to savor this.

And feel free to talk about the rest of the games today here, too. I'll be in Orlando, and checking in as I can — it won't be much — so let this serve as your open thread for the whole day, not just Florida's game.