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2014 NCAA Tournament, Open Thread: Can Friday match Thursday?

The first full day of the 2014 NCAA Tournament was one of the best days in years by popular acclaim. Could the follow-up match it?

While we — okay, I'll be honest, "we" implies that I was freaking out — were freaking out about Florida's too-close-for-confidence win over Albany on Thursday, the rest of the country was enjoying a thrilling day of college basketball. Five games went to overtime, another ended on a true buzzer-beater, two No. 5 seeds got upset by two No. 12 seeds in Spokane, and Louisville got pushed to the brink by a fearless Manhattan team.

There's no way Friday can be better, right? Just no way a No. 16 takes down a No. 1 or something?

I don't think so, but I'm hoping I'm wrong: It's my birthday (yeah, whatever) and I'll actually get to watch a fair bit of today's action, something I didn't get to do while I was at the Amway Center yesterday.

As always, our big bro has the TV schedule you need, and March Madness Live has the streams you want.