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2014 NCAA Tournament: The Alligator Army bracket pool has a leader

There's a front-runner in the Alligator Army bracket pool already.

If you were leading our bracket pool, you might be this happy.
If you were leading our bracket pool, you might be this happy.

We have a leader in the 2014 Alligator Army Bracket Challenge.

It's Elizabeth, currently atop the 245-player pool with 41 correct picks and 53 points. She (I'm assuming) is the only entrant with more than 40 picks right, got 29 of the 32 games from Thursday and Friday right, and had 12 Sweet Sixteen teams correct. She also has all of her Final Four teams left, and has lost just one Elite Eight team, and so she has the most potential points available, with 177.

    The good news is that there are more prizes available than the one for first place, and a bunch of brackets in the running for them. Three brackets are tied for third with 51 points to date, and two of them can top out at 175 points. Another five are at 50 points, in a five-way tie for fifth. And while all nine of those leading brackets have Florida winning it all, someone who picked Villanova to win the national title is currently tied for 10th.

    And remember what you're playing for: A Grand Prize of $25 to the official online GatorZone Shop goes to the winner, and a free custom GameDay Depot t-shirt, like the awesome "We Love The Silence" one over to the right — or one of the couple that we have in the works — goes to the First Prize winner. And INTO/IT CLOTHING has provided us with a tee from a limited run of very cool ones for the Second Prize winner. (We're going to have to figure out something for the Third Prize winner, alas, as INTO/IT was cease and desisted into only producing one of two designs.)

    So there are still chances, even if you're not Elizabeth, to come out with a prize in this pool.

    Meanwhile, some moron who wrote this post is tied for 40th with 46 points and a possible 166 points. And bringing up the rear among the brackets that actually got filled out is "flipping a coin," a bracket that seems to have been filled out by, er, flipping a coin, given that New Mexico State plays for it all. Amusingly, that bracket did get the entirety of the top half of the South Region right through the Sweet Sixteen — and has Florida beating the Aggies for the title.

    Sometimes, getting lucky works.