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Gallery: The 50 best pictures from Florida's Elite Eight victory over Dayton

Florida played its most important game of the season on Saturday, and got its best set of pictures this year.

A confession: The reason you've seen only one or two galleries here in the years we've had the functionality is that I don't like posting galleries. There's no way to batch upload pictures, which makes the task a bit tedious, and I'm also perfectionist enough to want to caption everything just right, and so on.

But paging through the amazing images in our image editor from last night, I knew I had to do one for Florida's win over Dayton. There was so much that needed to be shared.

This isn't every picture, and it probably isn't even every great picture, but it's the 50 best pictures — I wasn't even trying for a round number — and there are some astounding shots in the bunch. Big thanks go out to Nelson Chenault and Spruce Derden of USA TODAY Sports and Kevin C. Cox and Streeter Lecka of Getty for doing their jobs extraordinarily well last night.

These pictures will probably make your heart soar, or bring tears to your eyes, or make you laugh, and may well make all three of those happen. I've been the editor of Alligator Army this job for almost three full years, and this is by far the best set of pictures I've seen after any game — it was a pleasure to put this together.