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Chomping at Bits: Florida Gators prepare for Final Four; ticket, travel information

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With Florida in the Final Four, fans are scrambling to figure out how to get there to see the Gators.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

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Final Four ticket, travel information: Here are the links Florida fans absolutely need. (General public: Ticket Information + Public Travel Package | Students: @GZStudents + Rowdy Reptiles Travel Package)

10 reasons Florida is unstoppable: Many of these reasons repeat themselves. Maybe I should write our own list? (Scott Gleeson, USA TODAY Sports)

What Will Yeguete was going to do with his net: "Eat with it on, sleep with it on, go to the bathroom with it on." Two of those things work! (Pat Dooley, Dooley's Desk | The Gainesville Sun)

UConn ready for Florida rematch: And it's gonna be fun. (Josh Newman, ZagsBlog)

Baseball sweeps LSU: Florida earned four wins over teams in the top four over the last week, but FSU fans have informed me on Twitter that "LOL FLORIDA BASEBALL SUCKS BRO #EverythingSchool???" and so those wins have been annulled. (GatorZone | Adam Lichtenstein, The Independent Florida Alligator)

Men's swimming finishes third at NCAA Championships: Close, but no championship. (Logan McGuire, The Independent Florida Alligator)

Your Gators moments of zen: Yeah, you can tell evvvvv'rybodaaay...

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