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Chomping at Bits: Florida stays No. 1 in bouncyhoops

Florida can't spend much time celebrating keeping the top slot, though.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

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Florida's still No. 1: More on this later today. (Kevin Zimmerman, SB Nation)

And Florida's still No. 1: These are my power rankings, and they will teach you about sports. Well, one sport. (Andy Hutchins, SB Nation)

Florida's No. 1 on the track, too: Lot of No. 1-ing today. (Runnerspace)

No. 1 softball in action tonight: Goodness, this is a lot of No. 1. (GatorZone)

Baseball will take field in Pensacola: Oh, right, a team that's not No. 1. (GatorZone)

Urban Meyer has medical procedure, will keep coaching: A reminder: Urban Meyer's got a condition that makes his job harder than most coaches. (Luke Zimmermann, Land-Grant Holy Land)

Ohio State offers Tristan Payton: The unknowns Florida has locked up may well blow up. We'll get to Camrin Knight today, too. (Ian Cuevas, Land-Grant Holy Land)

The Awl hires two writers: I realize you don't care that much about The Awl, in all probability, but this mission statement of sorts — "Will it remain a place for thoughtful, intelligent observation and unexpected points of view? Will it retain its commitment to never wasting your time and never treating you like an idiot, or, even worse, a number?" — matters to me. (Choire Sicha, The Awl)

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