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The #EverythingSchool gets better: Five Florida Gators teams now No. 1 nationally

And, no, gymnastics still isn't one of them.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I wrote our first piece expanding #EverythingSchool from a hashtag to a description of what Florida's unbelievably deep athletics program has done in 2013-14. Three teams were No. 1, Florida's gymnastics team arguably deserved to be, and things were great, as great as they've ever been.

This week, things are better. Somehow.

Of the 14 sports Florida competes in at a varsity level that are currently in season, just ("just") 12 are currently ranked, with baseball joining women's basketball outside the rankings after a woeful weekend. But five of those 14 teams are ranked No. 1 nationally — more than a third of Florida's teams in season are currently the best in the nation, in other words — and gymnastics still isn't one of them.

Florida's No. 1 teams, on March 4, 2014, are men's basketball, men's swimming and diving, softball, and men's and women's indoor track. The indoor track teams don't record wins and losses, so those teams are a combined 56-2 (basketball is 27-2, men's swimming 8-0, and softball 21-0) for their seasons, and a staggering 46-0 in 2014.

And Florida's gymnastics team, despite suffering its first loss to Alabama last Friday, moved up from No. 3 to No. 2 in this week's women's gymnastics rankings, and still has the nation's No. 1 average score (197.484) on the season, bettering No. 1 LSU's 197.481 by three thousandths of a point.

How No. 1 rankings are awarded vary from team to team and sport to sport: Florida's men's basketball team and softball team are No. 1 in national polls of coaches and writers; I believe men's swimming and diving rankings are based on times recorded by athletes over the course of the season; and I know men's and women's track teams are ranked based on times recorded over the course of the season.

The non-poll rankings, theoretically more objective, can actually be wonkier than the "objective," score-based ones. Florida's women's indoor track team won the 2014 SEC title last weekend, but the men's team finished second to Arkansas, yet both teams vaulted to No. 1 this week, with the Gators men jumping the Razorbacks and displacing them from No. 1 in indoor track for the first time since 2012.

But, regardless of the procedures involved, Florida has five No. 1 teams at the same time, should really have a sixth No. 1 team, has eight top-five teams (women's lacrosse and women's tennis), is poised to be among the favorites for as many as eight national titles (Florida's men's and women's indoor track teams are great; those same teams have been better in outdoor track in recent years) before the end of the 2013-14 year, and should see every team in season make its respective NCAA Tournament.

Florida is the #EverythingSchool, the everything school, and the school where every sport matters and is great. (Well, usually.) And its bona fides as a multi-sport powerhouse have never been better than they are right now.