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Florida QB Will Grier gives the shoes off his feet to a homeless man while on Spring Break

Florida's Will Grier is likely to do some unbelievable things on the field for the Gators. But he's already done an unbelievable thing off the field.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

It's a story that seems too good to be true. Will Grier, ballyhooed recruit and latest future savior of the Florida Gators, giving away his shoes to a homeless man while on Spring Break? C'mon, I thought, when I saw his girlfriend tweet about it last night, there's no way that's real.

Grier's longtime girlfriend, Taylor Walker, sent out this tweet (after another tweet, I believe, linking to this picture from her Mobli account, which has since been deleted) just after midnight last night.

And, well, that feels a little like a girlfriend bragging about how wonderful her boyfriend is, even if it's in praise of an altruistic and generous act. Grier hasn't tweeted about it himself since, only retweeting other posts about it, either. It could be a pic of anyone, I thought.

So I asked Grier himself.

And he confirmed via Twitter direct message that this great story is also true: He gave away the shoes off his feet while on Spring Break in Key West last night.

It's always great to be a Florida Gator. And the Gators are always the good guys in our mind. Sometimes, though, you get to root for good guys who just happen to be Gators.

With an bit of generosity like this, and an attitude like the one he has...

...I think Will Grier is going to be one of them.