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Chomping at Bits: Florida's victory over South Carolina, Mike Slive's return, SportsCenter anchors

In the latest edition of Chomping at Bits, we look at the Gators' victory over South Carolina, why Mike Slive returning as SEC commissioner for another year is awesome, explain the track and field rankings and rank the best of the current SportsCenter anchors.

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Three takeaways from last nights game: So Michael Frazier II could have beaten South Carolina all by himself. (Kevin Brockway, GatorSports)

Gators nearly 18-0 in conference: How can it be that no team has never gone 18-0 in conference play? Between all the great Kentucky teams, the great Arkansas teams ... how? That's got to be a mistake. (Miami Herald)

Mike Slive to return for another year: The SEC has had the last two greatest conference commissioners, by far. Slive returning for another year is huge as the college football switches to a playoff, the SEC begins its own network and revenues continue to soar. (Jon Solomon,

Football expected to bounce back: Duh. I mean, seriously. (Edward Aschoff, SEC Blog/ESPN)

Baseball wins: A 4-2 comeback victory against Southern Miss gets them to above .500 on the young season. (GatorZone)

Softball improves to 22-0: How did I miss this? (Franz Beard, GatorCountry)

Explaining track and field rankings: In case you didn't notice, the men's track and field team moved ahead of the Arkansas Razorbacks into the No. 1 spot despite losing to them at the SEC Indoor Championships. The reason being, track and field rankings are like a futures bet. The Gators received more computer points, because of their events, in a sort of head-to-head match up with the other team(s).

The women's team did the exact same thing to the Oregon Ducks in moving to the No. 1 spot.

There will be one more set of rankings released, but only those athletes who have qualified for the NCAA Championships, which begins in about two weeks will count towards the rankings. Basically, it means that the computers think that both Gators track teams will win the NCAA Championship because they're expected to have more athletes score points, win events and/or are higher ranked than individual Arkansas/Oregon athletes.

Worst concerts: Last week we talked about our favorite concerts so it's only natural we do this, right? Or the most embarrassing. How's that sound? Well, I'm not making a list, but I will say that I've seen Vanessa Carlton three times.

Favorite SportsCenter anchors:

  • 1) Scott Van Pelt
  • 2) John Buccigross
  • 3) Neil Everett
  • 4) Bob Ley
  • 5) Chris McKendry

Most of the anchors are tolerable. Sage Steele is alright, I still think of wrestling when I think of Jonathan Coachman, Stuart Scott and Chris Berman are incredibly annoying while John Anderson and Steve Levy are probably the best two not making the list.

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