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Let us praise the winners from the Alligator Army bracket pool

Four winners have emerged from the fray to win prizes.

Ronald Martinez

Mea culpa for not doing this sooner. Didn't really want to dwell on certain things last week.

The Alligator Army bracket pool wrapped up last week, when the NCAA Tournament did, and we have our four winners:

  1. Sir Jonathan Smith took first, buoyed by Kentucky's run to the final and a slew of correct picks in the West Region that got him 97 points.
  2. Chris took second with 95 points, but having the three Final Four teams that weren't Kentucky couldn't help him more than Kentucky helped Jonathan.
  3. k.b. ended up in third, despite nailing three Final Four teams and Kentucky in the final, because those three Final Four teams were also the only Elite Eight teams he got right.
  4. And Elizabeth, who had the most picks right in the entire pool, with 49, ended up in fourth. Such was the peril of picking a Florida-Louisville final when the teams that beat the Gators and Cardinals ended up vying for the title.

No one picked UConn to win it all, which probably isn't surprising for a bracket pool full of Gators, but I found this interesting: The only three people in the entire bracket pool to get even one of the finalists right finished first, third, and fifth. (Sorry, David; that Sweet Sixteen was rough.)

All four of you are eligible for prizes, and I'll be getting in touch with all four of you within the next 24 hours about those prizes. Thank you, thank you, thank you for following directions and making your emails visible.

Also, if you didn't win ... you probably still beat me.