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Chomping at Bits: Will Muschamp's spring speaking tour begins

Get ready for the season of saying things that basically don't matter!

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Will Muschamp begins spring speaking tour: Last night's hits: A joke about a bulletproof shirt, Muschamp reiterating "We're going to be a good football team," and Muschamp expressing a preference for night games, which will surely be just what ESPN needs to schedule only night games for Florida from now until eternity. Also, Antonio Riles is a guard now. (Chris Harry, GatorZone)

More like Dominantproday Easley, amirite: Dominique Easley did Dominique Easley things at his "pro day" on Thursday. And there is video of him slapping dummies very hard. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

Gymnastics gunning for second straight title: That's what my eye will be on this weekend. We've got a more detailed preview coming later today. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

John Sternagel catching on at third: I'm pretty proud of a fellow Rockledge Raider turned Florida Gator doing big things, yes. (David Jones, FLORIDA TODAY)

This week's Joakim Noah feature: It's penned by the excellent Lee Jenkins, and well worth your time. (Lee Jenkins,

How Florida State's Jameis Winston investigation fell apart: Basically, Winston was asked questions, and refused to answer them, and thus a stalemate happened. (Rachel Axon, USA TODAY Sports)

How football could be a force for good: This article kind of crystallizes some of my thinking circa Michael Sam's coming out, but it's also a really sharp take on what people can do to help fight a culture that is still far too tolerant of sexual assault. (Jessica Luther, The Nation)

Tidbits from the basketball season: It's amusing that Florida's been third nationally in scoring defense over the last two years. Billyball's meaning has changed so much. (Kevin Brockway, Hoops Scoop | The Gainesville Sun)

The history of AIM: Fun read. (Jason Abbruzzese, Mashable)

Your Gators moments of zen:

Looks like nothing special, right? Okay: Find Bridget Sloan's face.

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