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Video: "FSU Loyals" is somehow worse than "Seminoles"

This is what #FSUTwitter would look like if it had a corporeal form.

Okay, so "Seminoles" was strange and confusing and made a lot of people laugh more at some of its unintentional humor than its intentional humor.

But it also gave us the above video. And for that, we can all be thankful.

This is "FSU Loyals," handily tagged by its creator as "RE to 'Seminoles' By Some UF Girl" so you know that a parody of "Royals" spurred him to sing in front of a chalkboard with a terrible drawing of Florida State's old logo. ("Sorry for the low production value, but the next video will be better!")

He's off-beat two seconds in, and it never gets better; he ends up beginning his bridge during the song's second hook. There's someone else standing in the room, ad-libbing the background vocals, but that person smartly decided to do so from off the camera.

But, really, this is the major misstep:

Pulitzers, Nobels, FUCK IT, even Ted Bundy

This is a Florida State fan — we're pretty safe in assuming this, considering the middle school-level taunts, FSU apparel, and parroting of all the awful YouTube comment responses to the original video, right? — taking pride in a serial killer and rapist having killed and raped some of his victims in Tallahassee, and/or putting him in the same category as Pultizer and Nobel Prizes. That is repugnant.

Y'all did win a national title. Florida did lose to Georgia Southern.

But no matter what, win or lose, at the end of the day, we're not this guy.

So it's still a good day.