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Video: Florida's SEC Network promo focuses on the Gator Chomp

And now for a good Florida video...

Few traditions in college sports are cooler than the Gator Chomp. So it's pretty smart of the SEC Network to advertise its impending debut with a brief spot on the Gator Chomp.

All of what I'd want from a 30-second spot is there: People doing the Chomp at football and basketball games, the Jaws music cueing it, legendary university historian Norm Carlson appearing, and someone noting that it's supposed to be done with right hand over left.

Is this going to convince me to go call my cable provider about getting the SEC Network? Nah. I don't have a cable provider at the moment, and I'm not even entirely sure where I'm going to be living this fall, so that doesn't make sense for me to go do.

But is it 30 seconds of Florida-related video content that go down far smoother than the minutes of Florida-related video content we've been subjected to over the last several days? Absolutely.

And goodwill's kind of the point here.