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Chomping at Bits: Diving coach Donnie Craine passes, Ryan Lochte rekindles rivalry

One great Gator took to the water for the renewal of a longstanding rivalry on Thursday. Another great Gator was tragically killed in a boating accident.

Christian Petersen

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Florida diving coach Donnie Craine dies in accident: This is a profoundly sad story. (GatorZone)

Ryan Lochte beats Michael Phelps in latter's return to the pool: Please keep racing through Rio, guys. (Jim Caple, ESPN)

Concern trolling about Will Muschamp losing control of Florida: I don't agree with this at all, and I think "gatrors" in the permalink is a pretty good indication of the quality control involved at the Sentinel for columnists at this point. I link it mostly to note that the guy who wrote the moronic piece about Colin Kaepernick's tattoos is back at the Sentinel, and should probably be received like we receive Bianchi. (David Whitley, Orlando Sentinel)

Mashers making things easy for Gators softball: Multi-run leads after the first inning in every game last weekend helped the Gators sweep Texas A&M. (Chris Harry, GatorZone)

NCAA will no longer accept coursework from one virtual school: This is good. Now go on to the rest of that system that needs reforming. (Michele Molnar, Marketplace K-12 | Education Week)

Veterans dying as health management system fails: This is disturbing. (Scott Bronstein and Drew Griffin, CNN)

Black Box is terrible: But this is a wonderful pan of a bad television show. (Sarah D. Bunting, Previously.TV)

Rest in peace, Donnie Craine. More on him and his passing later this morning. The comments are yours.