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Florida's Trenton Brown, Jeremi Powell push a car to safety, Mike Taylor Instagrams it

The biggest Gator, and another one, gave someone a big hand on Saturday.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

"I hear people talk about us as gator football players so much but look at this comment on this..."

That's what Florida linebacker Mike Taylor wrote on Twitter on Saturday, linking to an Instagram post. This is that post.

Yes, that's unmistakably Florida offensive lineman Trenton Brown, and he's unmistakably helping some Five Guys employees push a broken-down car to safety just off Archer Road. I believe that linebacker Jeremi Powell, who Taylor refers to as JP, is helping him.

And yes, that's a pretty cool and kind thing to have on video.

"The Gators are good guys," says someone in the car — someone who didn't join Brown in pushing the car, of course, though Neiron Ball (peep the helmet tag on the mirror) seems to be driving, and it sounds to me like Taylor notes that he's wearing flip-flops, which aren't exactly conducive to heavy lifting — and that's a thing that rings true for a lot of them, record on the field be damned. There is a life beyond football that they all live, and though that life matters more to them than to us, the fans, it's one that I'll always be proud to see them living with compassion.

Taylor's caption for the Instagram post was the same as his tweet, except for one thing: He added the hashtag #truecharacter.