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The Gators Glossary: Explaining the terms of endearment for Florida basketball in 2013-14

We have many names and terms for the Gators we love dearly.

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For reference purposes.

BD3 / BILLY DONOVAN / Little Billy

Nicknames for Billy Donovan, walk-on and son of Billy Donovan. BILLY DONOVAN (and BILLY) originated on Twitter by Alligator Army to differentiate between father and son.

Big Pat

Nickname for Patric Young. Derived from Young's lack of smallness and Twitter handle.

Big Shot Scottie / Scottie Big Shot

Nicknames for Scottie Wilbekin. Derived from Wilbekin's penchant for hitting big shots. Originator and origins unclear.


Nickname for style of play used by Florida around turn of the 21st century, with heavy emphasis on pace, threes, and pressing. Less germane to current team, given more deliberate and efficient offense and grinding halfcourt defense.

Billy the Kid

Nickname for Billy Donovan, Florida coach. Despite being 48 and the dean of SEC coaches — as every SEC broadcast mentioned, seemingly — Donovan still gets called his old nickname from time to time.


Nickname for Dorian Finney-Smith. Derived from likeness to grandmother Doral, and combination of Dorian and Doral.

D3Vo/ThreeVo, Do3-Do3, Frazi3r, Scotti3, Y3gu3te

Shorthand for three-pointers made by DeVon Walker, Finney-Smith, Michael Frazier II, Wilbekin, D and Will Yeguete, respectively. Often stylized in all caps, e.g. DO3-DO3. Originator and origins unclear. See also: Kas3y, Prath3r.


Nickname for Kasey Hill. Derived from Hill's incredible quickness, and early-season penchant for flashes of great play between longer stretches of typical freshman basketball. Originated by Alligator Army. (Has not caught on.)

Florida basketball: FAN-TASTIC!

Catch-all saying describing Florida basketball derived from tradition in the O'Connell Center: When possession is awarded to the Gators, public address announcer says "Florida basketball..." and crowd (especially students) responds with "FAN-TASTIC!"


Saying describing threes made by Gators. Derived from tradition in the O'Connell Center: When a three is made, public address announcer says "(name of player) FORRR THREEEEEEE!" and crowd (especially students) bows arms in time with "FORRR THREEEEEEE!"

Gator Boyz

Nickname for Florida basketball players. Derived from Joakim Noah's pronouncement that "The Gator Boyz are hot right now" after the 2006 NCAA Tournament final, which lent its name to Florida's official 2005-06 season highlights DVD. Still used by Noah. Sometimes stylized as GatorBoyz, Gator Boys.

Hot Pockets

Nickname for Michael Frazier II. Derived from his Hot Pocket-like ability to stay cold until which point he is too hot to handle. Originated by Alligator Army commenter Charles UF. See also: Further explanation of "Hot Pockets".

Jake the Snake

Nickname for walk-on Jacob Kurtz. Derived from his Twitter handle, and thus likely from many former Jakes the Snake. Sometimes riffed on as "Jacob the Snakob."


Shorthand for threes made by Kasey Hill. Last justified on January 23.


Catch-all term for befuddling tendency to get things wrong about, discredit, or overlook this Florida team. Derived from (and intended to pronounced in same cadence as) hook to Rick Ross's "Stay Schemin'." Applied to Florida basketball and sports by Alligator Army, originally in December 2012. See also: The Differences, post-Florida 69, Kentucky 59, archive of usage by @AlligatorArmy.


Hand signs meaning "Life, love, and loyalty" displayed by Gators in picture below. Derived from Chicago rappers' Lamron (reverse it) crew and sign. Always thrown up, never taken.


Nelson Chenault, USA TODAY Sports


Nickname for Michael Frazier II. Derived from ... his name.


Shorthand for threes made by Michael Frazier II. Derived from his name and nickname. Originated by @NotGregLuca in December 2012.


Shorthand for "Michael Fucking Frazier," "Michael Frazier the motherfucking second" and "Motherfucking Michael Frazier II." All terms of endearment, usually uttered as exultations.

Murk | #Murk

Nickname for Casey Prather. Derived from Prather's ability to perform acts of basketball murder. Also used as intransitive verb (-s, -ed, -ing). Originated by Alligator Army in March 2013.


Nickname for rebounds fetched by Prather, especially the one he grabbed between three Kentucky players. Derived from Prather's nickname and Beyoncé's use of "surfboard" in "Drunk in Love."


Catch-all hashtag referring to threes taken and made against Florida from NBA distance. Holdover from 2012-13, when long threes seemed to beat Florida with regularity. Less useful in 2013-14, as Florida has beaten everyone with regularity.


Shorthand for three made by Casey Prather. Has not been useful since February 11.

Scottie Doesn't Know / Scottie Doesn't Care

Common reaction to Scottie Wilbekin doing something awesome. Derived from Lustra song "Scotty Doesn't Know," written and performed for 2004 film EuroTrip. (Admittedly, context does not actually help this one.)

Scottie Ice

Nickname for Scottie Wilbekin. Potentially derived from Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matty Ice's nickname. Originated by @MBKRowdiesPrez in February 2014.

Scottie Time | #ScottieTime

Shorthand for critical moments of heroball featuring Scottie Wilbekin. Originated by Alligator Army in March 2014. See also: Archive of Twitter usage; archive of #ScottieTime Twitter usage.

"Sexy shit"

Shorthand for the awesome things done during #ScottieTime. Originated by Joakim Noah.


Nickname for Chris Walker. It's because he can fly.


Shorthand for "Strengthen When Adversity Grows." 2013-14 Florida Gators mantra. Originated by ... well, we don't know, but we would love to. Wouldn't you?

(Scottie) Wilbuckets

Nickname for Scottie Wilbekin. Derived from Creighton forward Doug McDermott's Dougie McBuckets nickname, which was originated by Rob Dauster. Origins unclear.


Shorthand for the group of fans who have loved Will Yeguete's heart and hustle for years. Originated by Stephanie Moser in December 2011. See also: Archive of Twitter usage.