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Videos: Two phenomenal Final Four hype pieces do the Gators justice

They're just incredible.

Yes, the Final Four hype video up top is ridiculously good, thanks in part to the overlaid Billy Donovan audio and the theme — the work is its own reward, and everything else is symbolic — that works perfectly for this Florida team.

But I'm not entirely sure it's actually better than this one.

There's just so much material to work with when it comes to celebrating this team, and the GatorVision folks have done a tremendous job working with it this year. They've done so well, in fact, that they've all but obsoleted the garden-variety highlight or hype videos for me; I only really want to watch something that's not official if it's as spectacular as that "Fix You" video we posted here a little while ago. Kudos to the GatorVision folks for stepping up their game, and to 160over90 for being behind the video up top and the Gators Always site.

...and no, I don't know which video here is better. Let me know which one you prefer in the comments.