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2014 NCAA Tournament final, Open Thread: Save us, Shabazz

Florida's only hope of avoiding a Kentucky national title depends on UConn.

Ronald Martinez I'm just putting this up as a place for you to say things about this game tonight. I'm gonna be watching with something less than full interest.

But, hey, UConn! Shabazz Napier's great! DeAndre Daniels has had a quietly excellent NCAA Tournament! Kevin Ollie seems like the kind of players' coach who could have a long and great career as a head coach in college if his future didn't lie in the NBA!

Sure, UConn beat Florida and delivered a bitter end to the sweetest of seasons for the Gators, but UConn is pretty good at basketball and an objective observer would probably conclude that the Huskies are appealing, too.

UConn's not Kentucky. You should be rooting for UConn. There is no such thing as SEC pride, especially not when the zero-sum game of college sports means that a Kentucky win elevates the Wildcats, Florida's only truly important basketball rival.

Let's go, Huskies. I guess.