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Chomping at Bits: Will Muschamp's ideal SEC schedule: Eight games and Auburn?

The former Auburn defenisve coordinator (and longtime Florida fan) wants the old rivalry back.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

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Will Muschamp's thoughts on SEC schedule: Fine with eight games, but he misses the Auburn rivalry, because he was a Florida fan before most of today's Florida fans were Florida fans. (Scott Carter, GatorZone)

All the Jameis Winston #CrabNab memery: With original sources! (Alligator Army)

The SEC Network's real problem: Getting the youth vote. (Year2, Team Speed Kills)

Neil wants the Miami rivalry back: I'd rather have Auburn, personally. (Neil Shulman, In All Kinds of Weather)

Jaylen Watkins continues Path to the Draft series: I feel like his star's cooled, but only a little. (Only Gators)

Dominique Easley's stock rising: And I'm over here nodding. (Doug Farrar, Audibles |

Former UF Honors assistant director opens brewery: Personal note: I know and really like John Denny, and wish him the best in this venture. (Carla Vianna, The Gainesville Sun)

The Internet is an awful place for women: It's not just the Internet, alas. (Katie Heaney)

Your Gators moment of zen: Florida track runner Donnie Lee Jr. wrote that it "infuriat(ed)" him to see people making fun of Jameis Winston's seafood shoplifting because he is the "victim" "enslaved" by the college athletics industry, that it was "deeper" than the Florida-Florida State rivalry, that athletes are still hungry, and a bunch of other interesting, if incendiary, things. He concluded his rant by noting that he, too, was hungry.

And when he walked into the weight room on Wednesday afternoon, he found this:

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