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SEC schedule rotation set through 2025, and so are Florida's rotating SEC West opponents

So the SEC might be wedded to that 14-team conference and 6-1-1 scheduling for a while.

Scott Cunningham

The SEC released its rotating non-division games — the last "1" in the SEC's 6-1-1 scheduling modelfor the 2014 through 2025 seasons on Monday. And so we now know Florida's tentative SEC schedule for the next 12 seasons.

Year Opponent Location
2014 Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL
2015 Ole Miss Gainesville, FL
2016 Arkansas Fayetteville, AR
2017 Texas A&M Gainesville, FL
2018 Mississippi State Starkville, MS
2019 Auburn Gainesville, FL
2020 Ole Miss Oxford, MS
2021 Alabama Gainesville, FL
2022 Texas A&M College Station, TX
2023 Arkansas Gainesville, FL
2024 Auburn Auburn, AL
2025 Mississippi State Gainesville, FL

We obviously knew Florida was playing at Alabama in 2014, but the rest of this information is brand new.

Notable takeaways:

  • Texas A&M will make its first trip to Gainesville as a member of the SEC in 2017.
  • Ole Miss makes its first trip to Gainesville in seven years in 2015 ... and the Rebels haven't lost in Gainesville since 1995.
  • Florida will play Texas A&M three times in 11 seasons. I imagine that will be slightly more than any other East team.
  • Florida's next trip to Auburn will come 13 years after its most recent one, in 2011.
  • Mississippi State will go 15 years between trips to Gainesville, having last come to town in 2010.
  • Florida's going to have played Arkansas three times in eight years as of 2016.

Other than that, I just know I'm circling that 2020 game at Ole Miss. In theory, going to The Grove at 30 won't be that depressing, right?