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Florida football recruiting: Electric Derrick Dillon commits to Gators

You like athletes? New Florida commit Derrick Dillon is an ATHLETE.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Florida's filling out its recruiting class of 2015 far more deliberately than it built the classes of 2013 and 2014. But the Gators have revved up this week, landing defensive tackle Andrew Ivie on Thursday and now, per Rivals's Blake Alderman, adding the pledge of Louisiana athlete Derrick Dillon.

Dillion's a three-star athlete out of Franklinton, Louisiana's Pine High School, and he's the No. 11 athlete in the class of 2015 according to the 247Sports Composite rankings. But if you stop reading these words and watch this tape of his junior season, you might join me in being more excited than a mere "four-star" commit should theoretically make you.

Dillon flashes excellent speed, quickness, and an instinctive elusiveness all over that tape, and is constantly running away from his competition — not the best in the nation, to be sure, but fine enough to be convinced that he isn't just dusting slowpokes. The standout trait, though, is his agility, which lets him duck into and out of cuts with a fluidity that reminds me strongly of none other than Percy Harvin.

It is beyond foolish to compare any player to Percy Harvin, I know — I was among the people writing about freeing Andre Debose from the restrictions of that comparison long, long ago, when he still hadn't made an imp ... when he was still at the sunrise of his collegiate career. But I've watched Dillon's tape a couple times, and Harvin really does strike me as the best reference — certainly, their skills and games have enough similiarites to make the comparison instructive.

And even if Dillon isn't Harvin 2.0, as he almost assuredly won't be, he's one hell of a weapon for offensive coordinator Kurt Roper, should he (and Roper) stick with the Gators into the 2015 season.

Dillon's commitment is Florida's ninth for the class of 2015.