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Friday open thread: Florida softball hunting Ducks, baseball wants NCAA Tournament win

Two Florida teams are in action on Friday night.

Crimson and Cream Machine

This probably would have been up earlier had all hell not decided to break loose after 5 p.m. in the world of Florida sports. While you're watching Florida softball and baseball tonight, consider catching up on those things — Derrick Dillon committing, Deondre Farrier decommitting at the same damn time, and Bernie Machen saying shamefully stupid stuff about graduate transfers.

But, yes, tonight should be able the actual games the Gators are playing in Oklahoma City and Gainesville. Of the two games, Florida softball's winners' bracket showdown with No. 1 seed Oregon is the more important, and the one happening in weather conducive to actually playing sports. The Gators have already taken a 1-0 lead on the Ducks in the second inning thanks to a Bailey Castro home run, and look quite good in the early going.

Florida baseball's 2014 NCAA Tournament debut, on the other hand, might take a little while. Dark clouds and rain in Gainesville have delayed a game that was supposed to start at or around 7 p.m., and there's no concrete time for first pitch just yet. We could be waiting quite a while to see that one get underway, I fear.

Softball's on ESPN2 and ESPN3. Baseball's just on ESPN3. I'm in the comments. I hope you will be, too.