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Jake McGee announces transfer to Florida from Virginia

Florida's getting one of the missing pieces for Kurt Roper's offense.


Former Virginia tight end Jake McGee will transfer to Florida to finish his collegiate career, McGee announced via Twitter on Friday.

Last week, we mentioned McGee reportedly considering transferring to Florida, and the SEC rule that might have gummed up his transfer, but McGee was seemingly ticketed for Florida as long as his waiver for immediate eligibility as a graduate transfer went through, and his announcement's a good indication that it has.

And McGee is a huge pickup for the Gators. He may be the most important addition to this 2014 roster, in fact.

McGee's a very talented receiving tight end who had 43 catches for 395 yards and two touchdowns in 2013 with Virginia, and 29 catches for 374 yards and five touchdowns as a Cavalier in 2012. He's got great size at 6'5" and 230-plus pounds, and will be a fixture in Kurt Roper's offense, which utilizes multiple tight ends, usually in the passing game rather than as blockers.

And Florida desperately needed a pass-catching tight end: Gators tight ends Clay Burton and Tevin Westbrook, both converted defensive ends, combined for a not-even-a-misprint four catches for 42 yards in 2013. And with neither Burton nor Westbrook looking significantly improved this spring, and true freshman Deandre Goolsby still looking a little skinnier than Florida's coaches would like, there was definitely room for another tight end on campus.

McGee will be that guy, and he could be great in Florida's offense.

Update, 7:05 p.m.: GatorZone confirms McGee's transfer, through a Scott Carter blog post with a bunch of rah-rah quotes (including ones about Roper's offense) and the key detail: McGee will start classes on Monday, so he's going to be in Gainesville for the entire summer. I like that a lot.