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Florida football recruiting: Gators produce slick fake Forbes cover for CeCe Jefferson

"Take what the Forbes figure, then figure more..."

CeCe Jefferson

Florida's definitely stepped up the quality of its recruiting materials under new director of player personnel Drew Hughes. The crème de la crème so far is this bit of mail sent to five-star Baker County defensive end CeCe Jefferson, which Jefferson tweeted out Friday afternoon.

A fake cover of Forbes styled after the magazine's "The Richest People in America" list, and maybe the 2010 cover that put Jay Z and Warren Buffett on equal footing is pretty cool. Touting Florida's capacity for producing millionaires — the school was 49th in the world in that respect in 2013, according to research done by British magazine Spear's, the highest ranking of any SEC school — is cooler, because it's factual.

The only gripe I have here is that it looks to me like this particular piece of recruiting art, which features a "CeCe — All (something) here for you!" message signed by "Coach Muschamp," was printed on the same stationery that is used for UF's generic recruiting letters, if you squint at the bottom of the sheet.

(Or CeCe could be holding two sheets of paper, as one of our commenters notes?)

C'mon, Drew. Spring for the blank piece of white paper, at least. Maybe go glossy!

Update, Friday night: Florida sent one of these to Tyler Jordan, too, so there's a template here. (Also, looks to me like the same "text at the bottom" thing holds true for this one.)

Update, Sunday: Florida director of external communications Jason Latimer reached out to clarify why the text of the letterhead is at the bottom: Schools' recruiting materials have to be on official letterhead, and so this is on official letterhead.

So that's one mystery solved, and one more reason to roll eyes at the NCAA.