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2014 NBA Draft, open thread: Where will the Gators take their next steps?

It's a lot easier to enjoy chaos when it doesn't affect you.

Okay, yeah, I wanted to use this picture again. Sue me.
Okay, yeah, I wanted to use this picture again. Sue me.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A confession: The NBA Draft is one of my favorite nights of the year, but I actually like it better when there aren't Gators being drafted.

It's an event best appreciated for its chaos, and the idea that a bunch of really smart people either know or don't know — mostly, they don't know — which really tall people will help their basketball teams win games. When teams make bone-headed moves, I like to laugh; when teams make nonsensical trades, I get excited.

It's harder to do that when there are people I genuinely care about who are affected by those trades, and there are three Gators — Patric Young, who should be selected, and Casey Prather and Scottie Wilbekin, who probably won't be — that will be affected by every trade tonight. I want the best for all of those guys — and, obviously, for Will Yeguete, but he's going to be playing professionally in France, and has no real NBA aspirations at this point — but it is hard to balance wanting good resolutions for their nights with wanting chaos.

For tonight, at least, I'm going to be hoping for smart general managing, and for smart general managers to pick up Pat, Casey, and Scottie. Hope along with me in the comments.