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Chomping at Bits: How one homer broke Jackie Traina's spell

The Gators had been shut down twice by Jackie Traina this year. Aubree Munro made it clear she wouldn't do that again on Monday night.

Rich DeCray

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She bleeds: Florida solved Jackie Traina on Monday night. And all it really took was one big swing. (Chris Harry, GatorZone)

Gallery from Monday night: Lots of great shots of those really beautiful blue-top, orange-pants uniforms, maybe because that color combination rules. (Tim Casey, GatorZone)

Highlights from Florida 5, Alabama 0: Enjoy.

The right things to call South Carolina: I'll be writing one of my own pieces on this today. (Connor Tapp, Garnet and Black Attack)

The guy who made Lost is back, and bruised: A really interesting piece from the weekend, on how people who make things internalize criticism. (Taffy Brodesser-Akner, The New York Times Magazine)

Shailene Woodley and Brie Larson forging their own path in Hollywood: Another of the more interesting things I read over the weekend. (Lynn Hirschberg, Vulture)

Your Gators moments of zen: At Florida, world-famous Vine star Nash Grier is just one of your friends' little brothers.

Eww, Chris Wilkes.

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