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On the verge of a national championship, Florida softball gets an awesome hype video

This is deserved.

The wizards at GatorVision, man. They do really cool things with slow-motion footage and video, things that make me wonder why amateurs even bother.

This hype video for Florida softball is another in a long line of excellent ones, and if you can watch this without wanting the clock to somehow spin forward to 8 p.m. by about noon, you are a little more resistent to razzle-dazzle than I am. Of course, it helps to have awesome source material to draw from, and that's certainly available for this video: Hannah Rogers strikeouts, home runs by Aubree Munro and Bailey Castro, and that incredible double play by Kathlyn Medina all make appearances.

It's a good use of a minute, or 10. One problem, though: We're gonna need a new song for 2014-15. "We Own It" belongs to the 2013-14 Florida men's basketball team, and there's only so much borrowed glory to go around.