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Florida Gators finances: School made $130 million in revenue, spent $106.9 million in 2013

USA TODAY is back with its annual check on the finances of college athletic departments. Florida's are very healthy.

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Scott Iskowitz

Florida's athletic department raked in over $130 million in revenue in 2013, more than $23 million more than its expenses, according to USA TODAY's newly updated database of college athletics finances.

The database lists Florida's revenue at $130,011,244 and its expenses at $106,972,983, while also noting a subsidy of $4,444,516 that accounts for 3.42 percent of the budget. Florida's revenue ranks sixth nationally, and its expenses rank eighth.

While it isn't strictly correct to call the difference between revenue and expenses "profit," Florida's revenue outstripped its expenses by $23,038,261 — the second-greatest difference between those two figures in the country, trailing only Alabama's difference of $27.1 million.

The site also breaks down Florida's revenues and expenses. The Gators spent nearly $42 million on coaching and staff in 2013, and $9.5 million on scholarships. To put those numbers in perspective, USA TODAY also reports that the Gators received $41.4 million in revenue from rights and licensing, slightly down from the $42.1 million earned in that category in 2012; received $48.4 million in contributions, a new all-time high; and earned $24.6 million from ticket sales.

For more, head to the database and play around with it — I'm certainly going to — and check back here for some tables and charts in the next 24 hours.