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SEC Media Days 2014: Three questions for each Gators figure in Hoover

There are good things to ask Florida's coach and finest players.

Marvin Gentry-US PRESSWIRE

I won't be in Hoover for the 2014 SEC Media Days that run from Monday to Thursday this week, and I don't feel like I'm going to be missing out on much.

But if I were in town, these are the questions I would ask of Florida coach Will Muschamp, quarterback Jeff Driskel, defensive end Dante Fowler, Jr, and cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III.

Will Muschamp

  1. 2013 obviously didn't go the way you wanted it to, for a variety of reasons. The biggest change you made this offseason was the hiring of Kurt Roper and installation of a a spread offense. How much of that is a concession, philosophically, after coming to Florida and wanting to establish a pro-style program?

  2. I hear from fans all the time about how your tendency to yell at players and punch inanimate objects — hey, fans are opinionated! — reflects your inability to keep control. Is there any truth to that, or is that all just passion boiling over?

  3. Obviously, you come into this season on the proverbial hot seat, with a lot of people forecasting this as a make-or-break season for you at Florida. How do you balance the pressure of wanting to keep your job with wanting to stick with the approach that got you this far in your profession?

Jeff Driskel

  1. You've had three seasons at Florida, and you've missed full games in each season with injury. What have you done — what can you do, maybe — to avoid injury this year?

  2. You take a lot of criticism as Florida's starting quarterback, playing a position that a lot of beloved Gators have played. How do you view that criticism? Does it matter to you?

  3. Kurt Roper, your new offensive coordinator, has brought in a new and different offense for you guys to run this season. How does it fit you, and what have you and he done to improve this offseason?

Dante Fowler

  1. You've grown up in a Florida program that has produced some great defensive players of late — Dominique Easley, Matt Elam, Sharrif Floyd. What have you learned from them about how to approach the game and how to succeed at Florida?

  2. You'll be draft-eligible at the end of this 2014 season, and mock drafts are going to have you going in the first round. But we saw your teammates, Loucheiz Purifoy and Marcus Roberson, get listed in mock drafts and then end up going undrafted. I know you're not necessarily leaving for the NFL, but how do you guard against buying into the hype, so to speak?

  3. Dominique Easley was famous for carrying around a Chucky doll — and for being a little out there. Now you're sort of in the same position that he was, as one of the faces of this defense. Do you feel any pressure to be the same sort of intimidator he was?

Vernon Hargreaves III

  1. You had one of the best seasons by a freshman in the country last year, but talking to Coach Muschamp and other players, they say it all boils down to your preparation. How does your preparation set you apart and make you better?

  2. Your dad is a former player who became a coach, obviously. How has he helped shape your approach to the game?

  3. Florida's been cranking out excellent defensive backs for years — Lito Sheppard, Joe Haden, Janoris Jenkins, and so on. Does that make you feel more like you have a legacy to live up to, or a foundation for success?