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SEC Media Days 2014: Let's make obvious jokes about Florida's media guide cover!

Good news: Florida's marketing kinda-sorta lends itself to jokes about Florida being a dumpster fire!


This is Florida's 2014 football media guide cover:

It is very orange! It's also just a crop of the same picture used for Florida's 2014 schedule poster, released in April:

No one made any jokes about fire, or the heat-blur effect Florida's been using on various marketing images, for that poster, as far as I can tell. But with all the college football Internet paying attention to SEC Media Days this week, we got a very predictable series of tweets for the media guide cover.

And then our friend Luke Zimmerman did the obvious and necessary PhotoShop work:

Ha! Hilarious! Florida is a dumpster fire! The dumpster even says WM — those are Will Muschamp's initials!

Can we please fast-forward to the part of the football season in which the same old lawyers Twitter users convinced they missed their calling as comedians at least get some new source material? I'm tired of being unamused by the same obvious jokes and getting called humorless in return.