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Chomping at Bits: Hannah Rogers voted 2014 SEC Athlete of the Year

Talking points in today's edition include Hannah Rogers, football recruiting, SEC expansion (apparently that subject will never die) and the best potato chip flavors.

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Hannah Rogers is 2014 SEC Athlete of the Year: She's the Gators' first winner since Tim Tebow won the award back-to-back years in 2008 and 2009. (Chris Harry, GatorZone)

SEC East forecast: About the same thing from what we've read since the season ended. I do agree with a statement in the opening paragraph though. Why are we preparing for disappointment when nobody really knows what to expect? I guess it's the expect the worst, hope of the best? (Mark Miller, Miller Report/GatorCountry)

Recruiting at tight end: With the recruiting dead period set to continue until July 13th, the Gators currently have one tight end commitment (Camrin Knight, from Tallahassee Lincoln of all places) with their eye on a few others. (Andrew Spivey, GatorCountry)

Gators set to finish recruiting on the up and up: Along with Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee, the Gators are among the best in the country during this current cycle. (Brian McLaughlin, Saturday Down South)

Four possible teams for SEC expansion: I understand that it's just a matter of time before the SEC goes to 16 teams, but who knows when that will be. Anyway, the four teams mentioned are Louisville, North Carolina, Miami and Virginia Tech. (Edward Aschoff and Greg Ostendorf, SEC Blog/ESPN)

2014 calendar features Aaron Hernandez: It's a licensed product, not something released by the University. You can still buy it for $6.39 on (Gary T. Mills, The Florida Times-Union)

Fan Day for football, volleyball set: It'll be on August 16th from 3-6 p.m. ET. Admission to the event, which will be held at the O'Connell Center, is entirely free. (Gary Smits, The Florida Times-Union)

Wimbeldon: I'm not saying that Serena Williams isn't really sick, as she very well could be. But every single time she loses it's always something. It's never that she just got beat; it's always something. It's ridiculous. That's why the crowd was skeptical when she was withdrawing from her match.

World Cup: Unbelievable. Whoever replaces Tim Howard as the USA's No. 1 goalie in a year or so has some big shoes to fill. And that's probably an understatement.

47 Ronin: Still not sure why I watched that movie.

The Last Ship: The first two episodes have been awesome.

Snacks: I've always been a salt guy. Potato chips and popcorn as a snack over ice cream and sweets any day of the week. I enjoy ice cream and sweets, don't get me wrong, but I just can't watch a movie or a show at night if I'm eating a pint of cookie dough ice cream. That stuff is more of an after-dinner type of thing. Give me a bag of chips.

Top five chip flavors: For simplicity, we're going to stick with Lay's only.

  • 1) Sour Cream and Onion: Which is weird, because I can't stand sour cream.
  • 2) Classic: Far and away the best tasting chip with a little french onion dip.
  • 3) Barbeque: A chip that tastes better and better the further into a bag you are.
  • 4) Cheesy Garlic Bread: It gets old after a while though.
  • 5) Tomato and Basil: About the only chip flavor that can make a Quiznos sandwhich tolerable.

A side note: Smartfood's white cheddar popcorn is amazing, and although it's not a chip, it has got to be mentioned. Also, I do like Doritos a lot. Specifically their regular nacho cheese flavor. And speaking of Doritos, whatever happened to 3D Doritos?

With all that being said, Salt & Vinegar chips are absolutely disgusting. Why in the hell would I want to eat something covered in vinegar? Gross.

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