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Florida's 48 for 2014, No. 41: 41 points, and the Gators' last three and out

This one is simple.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We're doing a preseason countdown a little differently this year, with Florida's 48 for 2014. Yes, the numbering is a nod to 2013, but the entries in the countdown will mostly be reasons to be excited about the 2014 season, or ways to look at it, or ... well, whatever I want. And I'm going to have a lot more fun with it than anyone did with Florida's 2013 season — trust me.

And, yes, I'm aware we're behind. Two entries a day for the next four days should get us up to speed.

In the first game of Will Muschamp's tenure as Florida head coach, the Gators scored 41 points against Florida Atlantic.

In the last three games of the 2014 season, Florida scored 41 points.


I've talked so much about trying not to deal in absolutes that I'm sure you're all sick of it. But I can say this with absolute certainty: If Florida's 2014 is anything like its last three games of 2014, Florida's 2015 will be dramatically different. (Though, remember: That's probably a good thing.)

Of course, things should be at least a little different in 2014. With Kurt Roper calling the plays for the Blue Devils, Duke topped 41 points in a game nine times in the last three years, including 48 points on the only SEC team Duke played in that span.

If Roper can get Florida's scoring output closer to 41 points per game than 41 points over three, Florida's 2014 might just be great.