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Throwback Thursday: Watch this 1987 Florida-Kentucky game immediately

This is the coolest thing.

Some things don't deserve the Throwback Thursday or #TBT tags that people give them on the Internet. If you're throwing it back to a week ago, or even a few months ago (sorry, Will), there ought to be a reason for it beyond pure nostalgia.

This broadcast of a 1987 Florida-Kentucky basketball game, just uploaded to YouTube today, deserves Throwback Thursday tagging and then some.

Watch this Jefferson Pilot broadcast with Joe Dean on the call for even the first five minutes, and you will find 10 things to love. Vernon Maxwell playing for Florida! Ancient chyrons! A late-'80s O'Connell Center court! An airball giving proto-Rowdy Reptiles a chance to cue up an "AIRRRRR-BALLLLLLL" chant! The old, gorgeous Florida logo!

Nostalgia for nostalgia's sake is silly, and risks trapping us all in the past as prisoners to memories real or imagined. But it is a trip to see what sports were like before I was born, personally, and trips down Memory Lane for Florida basketball are few and far between — this is less nostalgia trap, more historical document.

And it's well worth your time.

Immense thanks to @gatorfan82 for uploading this, and to @Brett_Lackey and @MBKRowdiesPrez for bringing it to our attention.