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A treasury of Will Grier doing flips on video

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Florida quarterback Will Grier is quite athletic. He shows off this athleticism frequently.

DeAndre Goolsby

On Monday, Will Grier lit the orange and blue part of the Internet ablaze with this incredible backflip catch, as committed to Instagram by teammate DeAndre Goolsby.

That video has since gone viral, as videos of athletes doing ridiculous things tend to do. ESPN tweeted it this morning, and has since just ripped the video and put it in its own player. Fox Sports wrote it up. So did, which hasn't seen a college football story it can't try to make viral since staffing up with younger, social media-savvy writers.

One thing, though: It's not nearly as unbelievable as you might think. Will Grier does this all the time.

At the end of this video, you can see Grier front-flipping after throwing a touchdown pass at The Opening last year:

And here is Grier flipping to steal his brother Nash's girl (in what was originally a Vine riffing on this hilarious one):

And Grier once just flipped because Gator Country asked him to, as Nick de la Torre reminds me.

Basically, Grier — who was great at yoga at The Opening in 2013 — is one hell of an athlete. And he enjoys doing flips — though, obviously, a backflip while catching a football is insane, given the motor control involved, even though its utility would seem to be limited.

I don't think we'll ever see Grier invent the backflip version of Tim Tebow's jump pass or do a flip to catch a high snap. But who knows? If I've learned anything about Will Grier thus far in his Florida career, it's that sometimes, with him, the unbelievable is the truth.