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Florida Gators football: The Kurt Roper Challenge

We've discussed this off and on for quite some time, so now let's get down to business.

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Kurt Roper was hired to become the third, fourth or eighteenth offensive coordinator for the Will Muschamp led Florida Gators, I began thinking of ways to make this football season a little more exciting here at Alligator Army. Well, since we've talked about this off and on for a while now and nobody has told me that it can't be done, we're totally going to move forward on this starting now.

Basically, what this all boils down to is this: You've got one month (roughly) to come up with a final number that deals with dollars per yards gained by the offense this year. Some of you have already posted your numbers, but if you wanted to make any changes to them now is your chance.

And to keep things simple, we're going to use Roper's reported salary of $600,000 for the 2014 season and not the $590,000 number without the Nike bonus. So what you're going to want to do is, come up with a yards per game number that you think the Gators will reach and times that by twelve then divide $600,000 by that number and you've got your dollar per yard amount.

We'll use GatorJustin's first (and maybe final) number as an example:

400 x 12 = 4,800. 600,000 ÷ 4,800 = 125.

In that scenario, the dollar amount per yard is $125. We're also going to go with whoever is closer. We'll say, round to the closest .001 in case the numbers are close. If it's still tied or too close, a jury of your peers (me) decides the winner.

Are there any other rules you ask? Why yes, yes there is. You must be a member of Alligator Army to participate and you must post your answer in the comments below, or if you want to use your previous number just say so. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, Instagram or wherever else doesn't count. You're only qualified by your answers posted below.

What is all this for? A $25 gift card to the restaurant or shop of your choice. There are a couple of exceptions though: Gameday Depot and Chili's are out, though if you press I'm more likely to relent on Chili's. But no Gameday Depot. Hey, fair is fair and this time the rules are mine. And yes, you're only allowed one entry.

Good luck to all. If you'd like to use your old numbers, you can find them here in the comments. Your final number is due by the time the the Gators kick things off against the Idaho Vandals.

UPDATED: Here's a look at the spreadsheet thus far.

Username Dollars Per Yard
thelitagator $121.36
Neil Shulman $147.06
The Commentator/Not You $128.20
DaveDaGator $126.23
GatorJustin $125
HokieDawg $142.86
Gators $119.45
gatordpt $131.23
Charles UF $123
CAeveryday $119.05
Zach H $121.95
Gator Mike $118.76
Aristocrat Gator $111.11
Jon Heist $129.20
skigator $142.45
JSN $132.16
CanWeBeMature $117.65
Emptyspiral19 $120.48
leligator $128.53
BDoc $133.02
Gatornoggin $120
CKGator New $ Needed
gatorempire127 $133.04
IronBrendan $105.93
trinidude $131.58
JB Gator $140.85
thomas.nassiff $130.90
ScattyLight $160.26
OaklandGator $108.70
thekiltedwonder $99.99
Quarterback McFootball $103
Master Oogway $122.22
GatorEnginerd $123.46
g8rs427 $120/70
Mad Man with a Box $123.45
mfgator79 $115.39
AgriGator $103.09
Swamp Thwomp $116.96

I'll try to keep this as updated as possible for everyone to see.